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DD Offender Treatment Progress Indicator PDF
This is not a risk assessment. It is designed to be a measure of treatment progress. This is still in it㠥xperimental phase, please try it and give me feedback.
What Confucius says about Eggs and Work Ethic (Humor) PDF
I tend to handle frustration through humor. Working with high school aged youth for years I have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of work ethic and how they expect to have jobs 㯭e to them.͊
Problematic List Serve Member Risk Assessment Scale (PLSMRAS) (Humor) PDF
A little list serve humor - Spell it out loud --- H-U-M-O-R
Art for the CD PDF
This is the supplemental art/documents for those who have purchased the CD "Which Thinking Error Is This?"
Some Thoughts About Grooming Paranoia PDF
﫠that㠩tɠsaid to myself after hearing several of what I call 粯oming paranoia war stories᭍
Punji Traps and Turf issues PDF
In this strange and wonderful business we have got to work together
Relapse Prevention Rap PDF
Hope you like this. We had fun putting this together.
Mom In The Middle PDF
Dark prose with SA theme

Prevention Soapbox  (PDF)


Tennis Rackets and Torture: A discussion for grievance systems (PDF)
Sometimes frontline staff have difficulty when a Clinician suggests that a client write a grievance as a response to a complaint about a staff member. Maybe this will help.

Broken Hearts and Cracked Foundations: Creating a Therapeutic Environment For Violent and Aggressive Youth. (PDF)

These are handouts for a training for residential staff who work with juveniles யt just JSO㮠The focus is that staff need to develop relationships and make connections with clients as well as be able to issue consequences and 㵰ervise๯uth.  This will make limited sense without the Speakers Guide below.

Speakers Guide to Broken Hearts and Cracked Foundations  (PDF)

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